Dude Pool

My stake pool is up and available for delegations!

Help me get my pool off the ground and delegate to [ DUDE ]

If you're new to the Cardano ecosystem and you're looking for a pool to stake your ADA with to generate a return on your investment, I wouldn't recommend staking to my pool at this time.

Currently, until a pool reaches around 500,000 ₳ in active stake (pledge + delegations), it's probability of being selected as a block building node is almost zero. You should understand that staking to my pool will probably not produce any rewards for some time.

There are plenty of pools that are already viable and will give you around 5% ₳ / year for delegating to them. You can find them at adapools.org, pooltool.io, or using the Daedalus wallet.

But if you would like to support a small, independent stake pool and help it to hopefully reach a level of viablility at some unkown point in the future, then I do appreciate any contributions.


As of May 2, 2021, DUDE pool has minted it's first block! To the few who have delegated, the rewards should be much better than if you had been delegated to a "more viable" pool. It takes a couple of epochs to distribute. We should see our rewards distributed by the end of epoch 265 (Monday, May 10)

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More info on ADApools.org.


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